I volunteered with Bubic five years Ago for a period of two years. After surviving a stint of drug addiction, I wanted to use my own experiences to help others come through addiction. When I began at Bubic I truly underestimated the impact the organisation would have on me and how it would affect the person I am today. The team were just that, a team; and they carried with them so much passion and insight in to the struggles of addiction and its causes.
Up until then I believed that I was strong and had truly over come all my issues, however, my fellow staff at the time broke me down and literally rebuilt me. They gave me a whole new me and armed me with life tools that I still use to this day. They are amazing and my time at Bubic was so valuable.
I am now 15 years abstinent of any substances, I have a family and I’m running my own business. And I can honestly say that bubic helped me to build this. I would be devastated to hear of any news of bubic being tendered out to someone else. I believe the current staff at bubic are what makes this organisation successful. I do not see how anyone other than them can have the commitment, knowledge, passion and understanding to successfully help those affected by addiction. To lose this organisation as we know it at the moment would be a tragedy and a huge loss to the community