10 years ago, my father died, very young, very horrifically and all too quickly.  My cousin was already accessing the service for her drug abuse, and when she noticed how badly I was dealing with coping with the trauma. I was drinking very heavily and abusing cannabis on a daily basis, I’d isolated myself from friends and family, I wasn’t caring for my daughter to the high standard she’d been use to.  I was suffering with depression, anxiety and an eating disorder and insomnia.

After some convincing, I attended a Bubic group meeting.  At first, although I’m a chatty person by nature, I was calm in the meeting.  I listened to the other clients and their life journeys and felt overwhelmed. My inability to speak and share in the meetings continued for several weeks, and bless Lanre and Ronnie, they never gave up on me. They continued to try and involve me, even though I was extremely angry and reluctant to engage.
One day, Lanre and Ronnie asked me to read a poem, aloud, at the start of the meeting. This was the turning point.  It was though they had reached into my soul and brought forth the feelings I was too scared to feel.


6 Years later, and I’m doing so much better, of course I have faltered along the way, but I know that if it wasn’t for the service that Bubic provide, I would have succumbed to my depression and eating disorder and eventually would have lost my daughter and my life.

This service is so vital for the community, the team at Bubic genuinely cares about the community and all who access the service.