Our Approach

The BUBIC ethos is based on the belief that each person is responsible for his or her feelings. We reject the blame culture as we believe that when we blame others or something outside ourselves, we fail to access our inner potential. At Bubic we use a change and transformation approach that enables individuals to lead happy and meaningful lives. Our drop in, mix and clean up approach is likened to the cleaning process of a washing machine.

Service users drop in to Bubic where their needs are assessed and a package of peer support and mentoring is put in place by trained staff and volunteers. These activities (the mix) enable individuals to identify and work through their negative inner thoughts conflicts, emotions and feelings (anger, lethargy, low self esteem etc) through confidential and supportive dialogue and self-expression sessions and over time the negative gradually becomes more positive and individuals begin the clean up transformation as they develop their self esteem, compassion and empathy.

If you, or anyone you know feels on the margins of community because of drugs then come to Bubic and experience unity back into the community.

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