10 years ago, my father died, very young, very horrifically and all too quickly.¬† My cousin was already accessing the service for her drug abuse, and when she noticed how badly I was dealing with coping¬†with the trauma. I was drinking very heavily and abusing cannabis on a daily basis, I’d isolated myself from friends and family, I wasn’t caring …

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I volunteered with Bubic five years Ago for a period of two years. After surviving a stint of drug addiction, I wanted to use my own experiences to help others come through addiction. When I began at Bubic I truly underestimated the impact the organisation would have on me and how it would affect the person I am today. The …

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I have been in the drug game from 13 years of age, and it is only now that I saw a man called Ron from BUBIC and they have changed my life, that it is not a dream to stop using drugs. That it is up to you, if you want it you can have every thing you ever wanted. …

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